Part-time hourly benefits at a glance

Note: Eligibility for Part-time coverage is based on working an average of 20 hours per week or more over a rolling 3 month period and at least 3-months of service.

Extended Health Care (Medical)

Benefit Details


Benefit Plan

Annual Deductible (not applicable to Drugs)
$25/single; $50/family
50% semi-private; no per diem limit
Prescription Drugs

  • 50% drugs

  • Dispensing Fee - paid by Employee

  • Deductible - no deductible

  • Coverage - generic reimbursement, no coverage for fertility drugs, anti-smoking drugs and anti-obesity drugs

  • All maintenance drugs to be dispensed by Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy effective March 01, 2016

Vision Care
No coverage
Eye Exams
$50 per 2 calendar years
Private Duty Nursing
$10,000 per calendar year
Paramedical Practitioners
(Chiropractor, Osteopath, Podiatrist, Naturopath, Physiotherapist, Psychologists and Speech Therapist)
$300 per calendar year combined maximum
Coverage Termination
Retirement or termination


Benefit Details


Benefit Plan

$25/single; $50/family
Preventative and Basic Services
50% after deductible to a maximum of $300 per calendar year
Dental Fee Guide
Current Guide for General Practitioners based on province services are rendered
Coverage termination
Retirement or termination

Short Term Disability (STD) – for associates hired prior to February 15, 2003


Benefit Plan

Cost Sharing
Replaces 66.7% of weekly earnings
50% semi-private; no per diem limit
Qualifying Period
7 calendar days
Maximum Benefit Period
16 weeks
Waiting period
90 calendar days
Taxable to the Employee
Definition of disability
Employee is unable to complete own occupation due to illness or not work-related injury
Coverage Termination
At retirement, or age 70, whichever is earlier

**Short Term Disability (STD) – Not available to associates hired on/after February 15, 2003

Other Benefits


Benefit Plan

Basic Business Travel Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Coverage termination
1 times annual earnings, max of $500,000
At retirement , termination or age 70, whichever is earlier
Tuition Assistance Program
50% of tuition, registration fees and books for approved courses per calendar year

  • 0 - 3 years of service = $3,000

  • 3+ years of service = $5,000

Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP)

  • Home Depot contribution

    • Annual earnings x (3% + discretionary portion)

RRSP – personal contribution
Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Personal contribution – 15% stock savings
Jury/Witness Duty
Employer pays the difference between per diem as a juror and regular earnings when employee has jury duty during regular work schedule.
Bereavement Leave
Up to 5 days, depends on the relationship
Sick Days
3 days (12 hours total) after 1 year of service
Vacation rate

  • 4% after 1 year

  • 6% after 5 years

  • 8% after 10 years

  • 10% after 20 years)

Float days

  • Float days after 1 year of service

  • Float days + stat holidays = 10 days holidays for each province